Writing Services

When you're looking for a team of writers, you don't just want the best. You want writers that make your job easier. You want writers who produce clear, engaging copy. Writers who source properly, send in assignments by the deadline, and become valuable contributors to your team.

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brass quilt pen

Articles & Blogs

When you need content that converts readers to buyers, find a writer who knows what they're doing. My focus is SEO website copy, both upper- and lower-funnel content.


When readers want to decide between two products,


Articles that start with "how to" or "what is"


Articles evaluating the merits and drawbacks of a particular financial product.


Comparisons among cards, banks, travel destinations, etc.

Topics covered

Though my favorite topics cover credit and real estate, I take on any assignment sent my way. Some examples include:

• Credit cards
• Award travel programs
• Retirement
• Mortgages
• Debt
• Frugal living
• Taxes
• Personal loans
• Home equity
• Banking
• Credit building
• Budgeting
• Saving
• Travel

My approach to content

I aim to rank content for every client. Here's what you can expect from me.

Search optimization

• Clear, reader-focused copy
• 100% human written content
• Natural keyword integration
• High authority sources
• Snippet winners
• Scannable content


Research is the primary driver of the content. Whether it's expert sources or primary documents, going straight to the source for the best information is what you can expect.