Personal Finance Content for Everyone

When you need relatable, expert personal finance content to speak to your audience, I can help!

I have nearly a decade of experience in media, including public relations, traditional print journalism, and long-form online content. I've written content for national outlets such as SoFi, Business Insider, The Balance, Newsweek, Time, Credible, and others.

Please see my library of clips if you want to get to know my work better.

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Key differentiating factors

Thorough, accurate sourcing

It's not enough to create great content -- it has to pass your compliance team, too! I dig into primary sources and relevant statistics to write accurate and fully backed statements.

Wide range

I've written about credit card rewards, tax forms, vesting schedules, tax forms, mortgages, and personal loans. I have a broad knowledge base, both from personal experience and business studies.

Data analysis

Need a deep dive into the numbers? Bring it on. Statistics, accounting, and examples help me write articles that stand out.


Sometimes, you need someone who has proven, consistent results.